A return to an old hobby

Not only do I have a blog again (that no one but my mom will probably read), but I’ve picked up a hobby that I haven’t touched in probably 15 years: woodworking. After spending all day staring at computers, the last thing I really want to do is stare at another screen, and this seemed like a good outlet. I went on a deep binge of YouTube, made a list of the tools and safety gear I needed to acquire, and started making plans. Quite literally.

Turns out, AutoDesk Inventor from my 9th grade engineering class basically lives on as Fusion 360, and its free*. Combining my minuscule CAD skills with Cate’s creativity will mean big things for the future. The first project I’m attempting is based on this balance board. Start simple, right? I’ll have pictures and such when it’s complete, possibly along with the files I used.

I’m also going to cross post other content I create here too, kind of as a central repository I guess. (After all, I have a podcast and made some YouTube videos for the past cross season.) Maybe some race reports. I’ll use categories, I promise.

Happy New Year!