I have a bench.

This is the best image I have!

Back in January, I posted a rendering of my plans for a bench. By early March, I had “finished” it!

Since the picture to the right, I completed the dust box and insert plate for the router, added T-track, installed electric and dust collection, and ran the jigsaw into it while cutting a piece (oops).

The table saw stands just proud of the table, making an excellent outfeed table. Dust collection for the saw routes to a blast gate just to the right of the saw, and there’s electric just behind it.

The dust box for the router is connected directly to the 2″ pipe for dust collection. With the Shop Vac, it catches a huge amount of dust off the router (it misses the larger chips but that’s fine). I mounted a safety switch on the center leg, which turned out to be perfect height to hit with my knee to stop the router.

I found myself working primarily on the “back” side of the workbench between the miter saw and the bench, so there’s also a dust port over there, as well as electric.

I still need to build a fence for the router, and I need a better place for my 3-D printer.