Need it? Print it.

The other day, I got frustrated trying to connect my vacuum hose to my Kreg Jig. I looked at the spring clamp I was using and sighed, then grabbed my calipers.

Based on this Reddit thread, I purchased an Ender 3 from MatterHackers. So far my most successful prints have been vacuum adapters and a Raspberry Pi case.

Speaking of Raspberry Pi, before my printer had even shown up I had discovered OctoPrint, a program to manage your printer from a web interface. Being able to see my printer (through the webcam interface) from anywhere, abort a print if it is going haywire, and fine-tune nozzle or bed temperatures has really made it easy to work with the printer. I’d highly recommend it. Oh and of course you can print your own case too.

Being able to print whatever I want (reasonably), whenever I want (reasonably), is amazing. The future is here.