I’m cheap

Hey look what I made…

I mentioned previously that I was working on a project for my side hustle, but didn’t say what it was.

This is it. It’s a 32×32 px LED matrix, battery, and supporting electronics.

The first purpose will be a time trial start clock. (This shows the countdown for each person leaving the start house) CrossMgr, the software I use for timing, publishes information for the start clock over a WebSocket connection to drive a web version of the start clock. I wrote a python script that slurps that data and drives the LED matrix, counting down the time, as well as the bib number who’s next to roll out.

The project combined a bunch of stuff. Software, obviously. Electronics, as I integrated a bunch of random stuff including the LED matrix, a Raspberry Pi, voltage regulator, battery, buzzer, cooling… I 3D Printed the mounts for the boards. I built the box (from scrap wood!) that holds it all.

Considering a commercial version of this is a grand or more, I like this version.