HydraCross – it was today!

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NCC Hydra Cross was today, and as Adam (the announcer) said, CBRC had a strong showing! Laps were fast all day, with two train primes offered during the day. Full results are on CrossResults (duh!) https://www.crossresults.com/race/10924

Not to bury the lead too deep: NomadCX is the first race of the CBRCX series, next weekend. Sign up today to prevent race director heartburn: https://www.bikereg.com/nomadcx

Highlights from CBRC and friends:

In the Men’s 40+, Ryan O’Donnell and Patrick Carney (Dutch Flyers) both made a good showing with an 8th and 22nd, and they’d both go on to double up in later fields. Since this was the first showing for both in this field, that put them in 14th and 32nd respectively.

In the Men’s 50+, Lance Law got a strong 14th, giving him an 18th place in the series.

In the 60+, Bruce Townand (who I consider a “friend” of CBRC since he is at all of our road races and a good portion of our CX races) came in 24th. This gives him 15 points and a tie for 25th place.

In the Junior Boys 13-18, Jack O’Donnell finished a solid 10th in a fast field (leader’s lap times were similar to the Men’s 1/2/3). Jack’s now in 10th place in the series, 3 points behind his brother.

In the Junior Girls 13-18, Abby Romlein finished 6th, which gave her 3 points and also 10th place in the series.

The Men’s 3/4 is where CBRC really came out in force: Ryan Conley battled Ben Jankowski (promoter of Ghosts CX in October) for several laps, before finishing 2nd behind Ben. Nick Groll was 4th and Jeff Krywanczyk (who potentially had his name pronounced correctly by the announcer) was 9th ahead of Nate Porter in 10th. Ryan O’Donnell, in his second race of the day, was 12th. Ryan Conley now leads the series with 52 points ahead of Nick in second with 47 points.

Lilli O’Donnell decided she wanted to go for 50 minutes instead of 30 and got 4th in the Women’s Elite race. Yes, this means the 11-12 national champ finished ahead of the 50-54 national champ. While this doesn’t help her River Valley CX Series p/b Shimano series points, she scored 407 points on CrossResults after being seeded with 490. (For those that don’t understand Colin’s math, this is a really impressive thing. That race had a quality of 335 and a median of 458. There was an Amateur Hour CX podcast back in the day where Colin explained the math to Eric that is a decent listen if you want to hear more).

And, to close out the day, Jeff decided to double up in the Men’s 1/2/3 with a fresh Jacob McCarthy. Jacob finished 20th (first rider -1) but still went back around for that extra lap for the fun of it. This ties Jacob for 23rd place in the series with 9 points.

Until Colin goes to work on Tuesday, I don’t know when the RVCX series points will be calculated on CrossResults. If anyone is interested before then, let me know what field and I can send you the points.

Until next week.