Mark’s occasional CX update – Uncle Sam GP

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Not enough people complained about the return of last week’s email, so here’s another one! Not sorry.

This one is close to my heart as the co-RD for the two years prior to 2020. Nick and team did an excellent job putting this race together and it was a blast to see (and score)!

Kind of want to just send this one image then walk away (and I bet you want me to do that too):

But no, sorry, you get to put up with another UPDATE WORD COUNT HERE words out of me. To make it less miserable, here’s the punch lines:

If I listed individual race results, I think I’d be listing every club member, so I think the best story lines might be drawn from the CBRCX series standings. (Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting our club’s series!)

In the Master’s 40+, Patrick Carney leads by 2 minutes after getting 10 bonus seconds today. Bret Young leads the Master’s 50+ by 14ish minutes. Brad Young leads the 60+ by 9 minutes over Terry Blanchet.

In the Women’s 4/5, Briana Denny rode from the Rensselaer Amtrak station to yesterday’s race, and after today leads the series by 56 seconds over Jessica Hanna (and rumor has it she rode back to the train station from today’s race).

Honorary(?) CBRC member and Union College rider Jack Carey (let’s go U! RPI sucks!) leads the 4/5 over Bill Deerfield by 4 minutes and continues his sweep of the first lap primes. Thankfully for those in the field, Jack has hit his points to upgrade to a 3 so he might not be bothering you in this field for the last two races. Lilli O’Donnell has worked her way up to 4th in that series with this weekend’s efforts (taking the second-place bonus seconds both days).

In the Single Speed men, No. 22 holds the top two places with Brad Young and Santiago Carral with 6 minutes between them, and sevenish ahead of Niles “I don’t understand the concept of a derailleur” Gagnon. No women entered the single speed category this weekend, so JoGro maintains her place in that series (zip ties are a thing!).

In the junior fields, Chase and Jack O’Donnell both have healthy leads in the U15 (21 minutes) and U13 (9 minutes) series respectively. The top eight spots in the U13 Girls are held by CBRC Juniors, with Abigail Romlein and Madeline Hanna leading the U13 and U15 fields. (Madeline continues her streak of taking the maximum bonus seconds on the first lap too)

Peter Dinolfo leads the Men’s 3/4 field ahead of Sean McLoughlin by 15 minutes. (Sean lost 15 minutes on Peter with his DNS yesterday… just putting that out there).

Lilli O’Donnell continues to hold her lead in the Women’s 1/2/3/4, with 17 minutes over Maya Healey. Rumor has it she collected at least an extra $5 on the barriers today.

Continuing the O’Donnell household dominance, Ryan O’Donnell leads the Men’s 1/2/3 by just shy of 2 minutes over Jacob McCarthy, with another 90 seconds to Jeff K. (the scoring rewards consistency!)

Individual stories from today, as captured from the finish camera:

After barely losing the first lap prime (0.012 seconds), Jurgen Beneke demonstrated the benefits of having a mechanic in the pit, as Karl from VeloFix was able to replace his derailleur hanger and get him back on course in 1 lap (8ish minutes):

If you didn’t see my post on Facebook, during the Men’s 3/4 Evan Boyle demonstrated excellent roadie form coming up the finish straight. Even after rolling a tub and running a good portion of the lap to the pit, he finished only 1 minute down on Sean.

See everyone in 2 weeks at Hometown in Glens Falls! If you’re not signed up yet… just find my rant from last Monday about why I think that’s a bad thing.