Mark’s Occasional CX Update

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Or are they regular now? Still haven’t been banned from the mailing list yet so…

First, an apology to those who raced at Salt City last weekend. Apparently, some races still take a week to post results online. On Saturday, Terry Blanchet came in third in the NYS CX championship for 60+ Masters, and in Sunday’s non-championship race he came in second. I didn’t see any other familiar names, sorry if I missed anyone.

And now to this weekend, starting far from home and working closer. In Ohio at Kings CX Haylee Johnson raced in the UCI Junior Women’s fields both days, finishing sixth on Saturday and third on Sunday. Meanwhile in Maryland, Terry Blanchet and Bryna Blanchard competed in the Marathon MTB national championships, finishing 11th in the 55-59 Men and 3rd in the 45-49 Women, respectively.

Which brings us to Hometown CX, the penultimate race in the CBRCX Series! Working our way through the order of the day…

The day started off with the Men’s Cat 5 race, where Madeline Hanna passed up the opportunity of a Snickers bar to beat her father Jason Hanna for 6th and 7th. (And, scored herself 526 points!) The race was won by Oskar Zorn in his first cyclocross race, and he’s also signed up for Bethlehem.

In the Masters’ fields, Patrick Carney came in second in the 40+. He maintains a 62 second lead over Ben Savoie from CNYC in the series. Bret Young also came in second in the 50+, and he maintains a 15-minute lead over second place in that series. Breaking the pattern, Brad Young won the 60+ (and was first on the road overall), but like his brother maintains a 15-minute lead over second place in that series.

Jessica Hanna maintains her lead in the Women’s 4/5 series with her second place behind Maya Healey.

The biggest field of the day was the Men’s 4/5 race. Jack Quinlan from Berkshire Velo suffered a first lap mechanical, did a lap on his mountain bike, then chased back to win the race after returning to his A bike. Speaking of “chase” (sorry), Chase O’Donnell came in third, after hopping the barriers for all(?) the laps (more on that in a second). The remainder of the first CBRC clump was made up of Tyler Romlein (who spent the first couple of laps with Chase at the front) and Bill Deerfield. Further back, Eric Abbale lead in Lilli O’Donnell who suffered an early mishap for 10th and 11th respectively, and Paul Koniowka rounded out the contingent in 19th. Bill maintains his lead in the series over Ben Savoie by 4 minutes. (Ben could be quite a spoiler next week!)

Intermixed in the 4/5 field were those who chose not to embrace technology and scoff at derailleurs. Race director Niles Gagnon put his promoter watts to use to win with 50 seconds over Bret Young. Niles now holds an 11-minute lead in the series over Brad Young who came in 3rd. Rounding out that field was Tom Butler in 5th.

JUNIOR RACE TIME! Chase O’Donnell finished the 4/5 race, then U-turned back to the start to line up for the U15 Boys, which he then won 2 laps (and 2 bunny hops?) later. Jack O’Donnell finished second in the U13 Boys ahead of Parker Ruppe and Alex Southwick in 6th and 7th. Madeline Hanna won the U15 Girls ahead of Shayla Butler in third, while the CBRC team made up all but one place in the U13 girls; Abigail Romlein, Lillian Hanna, Hannah Dinolfo, Liddy Breslin, and Ava Koniowka taking 1st-5th, and Willow Wozniak, Emma Breslin, and Michalea Koniowka taking 7th-9th. In the series, Jack has a 13-minute lead on Parker, Abigail has just over 3 minutes on Lillian, Chase has 25 minutes over Noah Stover from Berkshire Velo, and Madeline has 7 minutes over Anne-Sophie Laloe from Saratoga Shredders.

After lunch, Peter Dinolfo won the Men’s 3/4 ahead of Sean Mcloughlin in second, Lance Law in fifth, and Evan Boyle in eighth. In the series, Peter maintains his approximately 15-minute lead over Sean.

In the Women’s 1/2/3/4, Lilli and Maya both doubled up, with Lilli leading both the race and the series over Maya by 22 minutes (mathematically locking her win).
In the Men’s 1/2/3, the CBRC group ride was lead by

Jacob McCarthy coming in 3rd, and following directly behind and in finishing order by Ryan Conley, Nicholas Groll, Nate Porter, Ryan O’Donnell, Jacob Gilson, Jack Carey, Jeff K, and Peter Dinolfo (who was doubling up). Jacob is only down 25 seconds on Ryan now for the series overall. Full series standings are online at

It’s shaping up for a good weekend at Bethlehem! Register now, and maybe I’ll stop sending out these annoying ramblings.