Mark’s fiber-enriched CX updates – Noho day 1

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Hurricane Nicole’s remnants made the drive over “interesting” and gave bikes left outside at hotels overnight a complimentary bath, but if you were in the field at Look Park today, you wouldn’t know. And when was the last time you walked around Noho in shorts and a t-shirt? But enough gawking at the weather – let’s talk about the racing!

Starting the morning off on a field that wasn’t frosty was the Cat 4/5 men, with the 13-16 boys a minute behind (we’ll get back to the consequences of that). The Cat 4/5 field had 96 racers, with 25 13-16 boys behind them. (Is cross back?) All our favorite riders in the 4/5 finished on the lead lap, with Josh Foust in 54th, Jason Hanna in 73rd, and Paul Koniowka in 83rd. In the 13-16 boys, Chase O’Donnell finished 7th after their field caught the back of the 4/5 Men at the finish arch, and he had to work his way through traffic on the first lap. 

Next on the schedule were the 4/5 Women (41 racers), the 13-16 girls (16), and the 9-12 boys and girls (28). In the 13-16 girls, Abby Romlein was second into the turn to club row on the first lap and stayed there for the rest of the race, finishing 30 seconds down. Maddie Hanna finished 6th, 2 minutes down on Abby. In the 9-12 boys, Jack O’Donnell finished 6th after a mechanical, with Parker Ruppe in 14th. Jack told me he seeks to avenge this result tomorrow. The CBRC field in the 9-12 girls made up half the race, with Lillian Hanna and Hannah Dinolfo finishing 1-2, Liddy Breslin in 4th, and Ava and Michalea Koniowka in 6th and 8th.

In the Men’s Masters race, Lance Law lead the party in 13th place, Terry Blanchet in 28th, and Dave Beals in 60th. (Sorry, guys, I didn’t pay much attention to your race)

Then it was the Women’s turn! In the UCI Juniors, Haylee Johnson finished 25 seconds down. Greta started slowing down, though; with another lap, Haylee might have made it a sprint. In the Women’s Cat 3, Lilli O’Donnell had a first lap bobble that cost her about 15 seconds. By the end of the race, she and Annie Hines had rode up to and then through the Master’s Women leaders, with Lilli getting within 6 seconds of Annie before finishing in second, with third place 90 seconds behind her. Claire O’Leary finished 16th.

The Goon Squad next attacked the “memory foam mud” (Claire’s term for it). Leader of the Goons, Ryan Conley, finished in 8th place, followed by Jacob McCarthy in 12th, Nick Groll in 19th, Scott McGill’s pit mechanic Jack Carey in 27th, and Nate Porter in 39th. Jeff K was the first one to finish, being the lead rider one lap down and getting scored in 46th (then complaining about his points!).

If you didn’t see the UCI Women’s race, that sucks. The STF duo of Lizzie and Raylen was joined by Ava Holmgren, racing up from the Junior field. The trio was together and alone, separated from Austin Killips’ group by a handful of seconds until the last lap. After taking the bell, Ava railed that first right turn taking just Killips with her through the rest of the course until the barriers, until Killips passed Ava on the outside of the last left U-turn to her first UCI win. (Before Killips joined the trio, you had 3 PanAm champs riding together at the front of the race)

Bruner won in the UCI Men’s race after launching at 3 to go. (He sat up and moved to the back of the group as they went around the tree after the barriers, then tail gunned from the back while going across towards Pit 2, taking Curtis with him.) Further back, Pat Frank finished 22nd on the lead lap, and Andrew Nicholas finished 35th, getting pulled right as Bruner lept off.

The weather for tomorrow doesn’t look like Noho weather, but we’re getting closer (honestly looks more like Wicked Creepy weather). The most likely precip will be in the early morning, dropping off by the Cat 3 races, without a lot of total rain (a quarter inch at the most total between 2 am and 2 pm). I probably won’t be choosing shorts to stand around and heckle tomorrow.

See everyone in the morning!