Mark’s occasional CX update – open job posting for subject line authors

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I bet there were at least two individuals on the mailing list who thought they wouldn’t have to put up with me this week, but they were wrong! (*evil supervillain cackling*) There’s still racing, and there are still CBRC & Friends doing those races, and #crossisstillhere, and so am I. 

In North Carolina, at the appropriately named North Carolina Grand Prix, Haylee Johnson competed both days in the UCI Juniors. On both days, she finished directly behind her teammate Finley: on Saturday in 4th and Sunday in 5th. With 118 UCI points, she’s ranked 19th in the world and 7th among North American juniors.

Closer to home at the Secret Squirrel in eastern Massachusetts, Terry Blanchet doubled up between the single speed and the “Grey Beards” (I love unsanctioned race category names!).

And not to be outdone in the old guy category, Bret and Brad Young were at Shedd Park Cyclocross in northeastern Massachusetts, racing in the 50+ and 60+ fields and finishing 9th and 2nd. (Sanctioned races have such boring category names.)

And, of course, Andy is out with the juniors in the dark, getting them tuned up for Nationals in just two more weeks!

(For those wondering: yes, you can use the length of this post when vying for a trainer discount from Jermey. Gary, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you somehow made my laptop battery go spicy pillow to prevent this email from going out.)