• Mark’s occasional CX update – River Valley CX Series, USCX Series, etc.

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    Might as well just block me now, because I’m back by popular demand (someone actually requested this) with CBRC (and friends) conquests at the conclusion of the River Valley CX Series, the USCX races, as well as a preview of the resumption of the CBRCX Series! (But I did include a cool finish line pic at the end, so maybe it’s worth reading?)

    When we last left our intrepid heroes… wait a second… it was just after Nomad CX; RVCXS was only half-way done and the USCX Series hadn’t started yet. So, let’s start with the first USCX race – Virginia’s Blue Ridge GO Cross!

    Making their 2022 UCI Junior debut at Saturday’s C1 were Jacob Gilson and Haylee Johnson, earning 14th and 7th respectively. On Sunday’s C2, they both improved by 1 place each for 13th and 6th place. Alumnus and all-around great guy Patrick Frank got 23rd non-Belgin on Saturday and 30th on Sunday. (Assuming Bastians was the only Belgian, but I didn’t look closely.) Coming out of the first stop on the USCX series Haylee, Jacob, and Patrick had 58, 41, and 13 points in that series.

    Meanwhile on Sunday, closer to home was the penultimate race in the River Valley CX Series, Treehouse CX at Treehouse Brewing’s new(er?) location on a track set by the King Weasel (I hope he doesn’t mind I crowned him with that). There were 403 riders across the races at this event! (Come on New England, we’re not that much further awayyyyy)

    In the Men’s 3/4 + Junior Boys 13-18 (aka the Cat 3’s 4 Lyfe Squad), Ryan Conley got beat by a couple kids and came in 6th, but since there were 64 riders in that race, he still got 52 points for the series. Behind a Minuteman rider who was behind Ryan was Nick Groll (8th), Nathan Porter (15th), and Jeff Krywanczyk (24th). It should be noted that mathematically, Nate’s performance at Treehouse wiped out his deficit from skipping Blunt Park, but more on that later.

    In the Master’s race, Derrek Anderson came in 49th overall, but 22nd in the 40+ sub-category.

    Onto the next week, when the USCX comes to Rochester NY! Watching on the livestream and living vicariously through people’s IG stories (shoutout to Nick Groll for accidentally(?) singlehandedly providing the race organization like 90% of the content they shared on IG during the weekend), Saturday looked like a fast day while Sunday was another thing entirely (h/t Cycling out of context).

    Going by the schedule of the day for Saturday’s USAC races: 13-14 Girls, Maddy Hanna came in 2nd. 11-12 Boys, Chase O’Donnell came in 5th and Parker Ruppe came in 14th. 11-12 Girls, except for the Cole twins getting first and second, and someone in 6th place, CBRC dominated this field with Abigail Romlein, Lillian Hanna, Hannah Dinolfo, Ava Koniowka, Michaela Koniowka, and Liddy Breslin coming in 3-5, 7-9th respectively. 9-10 Boys, Jack O’Donnell won his race (and from Ryan’s IG stories, was beast mode through double trouble). 9-10 Girls, Emma Breslin came in 3rd. Men’s Cat 4/5, Tyler Romlein came in 13th, and Paul Koniowka came in 38th. Men’s 50+, Lance Law came in 29th. Men 60+, Dave Beals came in 11th. Women Cat 3, Lilliana O’Donnell came in 4th. Women U19 (non-UCI), Maya Healey came in 7th. The Men’s Cat 3 squad was made up of (in finishing order) Ryan Conley, Nick Groll, Nathan Porter, Peter Dinolfo, Jeff Krywanczyk, and Ryan O’Donnell. (Nick – does Ryan smell or something when he’s racing? You never seem to want to be on his wheel, there’s always someone finishing between you two…)

    In Saturday’s UCI races: (I see the Holmgren twins have arrived…) Haylee Johnson came in 12th and Jacob Gilson finished 32nd in their Junior races. In the Men’s Elite, KBH came in 28th (no word on the status of his seat rails), Patrick Frank in 34th, and Tommy Servetas in 41st.

    Apparently, it rained overnight, and Sunday was a different kind of course. For Sunday’s USAC races: 13-14 Girls, Maddy Hanna came in 3rd. 11-12 Girls, Abigail Romlein beat the Cole twins to win, and rounding out that field was Lillian Hanna, Hannah Dinolfo, Ava Koniowka, Michalea Koniowka, and Liddy Breslin in 4th, 5th, 7-9th. 11-12 Boys, Chase O’Donnell came in 5th and Parker Ruppe came in 15th. 9-10 Girls, Emma Breslin came in 3rd. 9-10 Boys. Jack O’Donnell won for a second day by 7 seconds. Men 4/5, Paul Koniowka decided he had just too much mud(?). Women Cat 3, Lilliana O’Donnell came in 4th. Women U19 (non-UCI), Maya Healey came in 7th. Men’s Cat 3 squad, Nick Groll provides more evidence to my theory that Ryan Conley must smell when racing, because he got ahead of him for 5th and 6th place, with Peter Dinolfo and Jeff Krywanczyk coming in 9th and 13th, and Nathan Porter not finishing.

    In Sunday’s UCI races: Haylee Johnson came in 12th, and Jacob Gilson was 34th. Patrick Frank came in 23rd.

    After Rochester in the USCX, Patrick Frank has 20 points, Jacob Gilson has 47, and Haylee Johnson has 102. For the USAC fields, select results are Jack O’Donnell with 100 points, Chase O’Donnell with 32, Abigail Romlein tying the faster Cole twin with 88, and Lilliana O’Donnell with 66. (With the Cat 3 Squad missing Roanoke and Baltimore, they’re not “mathematically relevant.”)

    And that catches us up to this week. We’ll do Charm City Cyclocross first, since I should be able to get through that quicker… (ha). On Saturday, 11-12 Boys, Chase O’Donnell in 4th. 9-10 Boys, Jack O’Donnell won. Women Cat 3, Lilliana O’Donnell in 5th. UCI Juniors, Halyee Johnson was 2nd, and Jacob Gilson was 16th. UCI Elite, Patrick Frank was 33rd.

    Sunday, 11-12 Boys, Chase O’Donnell was 3rd. 9-10 Boys Jack O’Donnell won (again, series implications here). Women Cat 3, Lilliana O’Donnell in 5th. UCI Juniors, Halyee Johnson was 3rd, and Jacob Gilson was 19th. UCI Elite, Patrick Frank was 21st.

    After Baltimore in the USCX, Patrick Frank has 29 points, Jacob Gilson has 79, Haylee Johnson has 182 (4 points out of 3rd place), Jack O’Donnell has 200 (mathematically has at least a top 3, depends on if Judah Bower shows up to Falmouth), Chase O’Donnell has 134, Lilliana O’Donnell has 130.

    The last stop for the USCX is Falmouth for Really Rad November 5th and 6th. https://www.bikereg.com/really-rad-festival-of-cyclocross

    This weekend was also Night Weasels and the RVCXS finale, Ghosts CX! No one came to Night Weasels, so we can skip right past that.

    At Ghosts CX, the Cat 3 squad did a good job on the Men’s 3/4 field, with Nick Groll, Ryan Conley, Jeff Krywanczyk, and Nathan Porter taking 3, 4, 8, and 9th. Lance Law was 11th in the 50+, and Tommy Servetas did a wheelie good job and beat Anthony Clark in the Men’s Elite (I’m not sorry).

    For the Rivery Valley CX Series overall, the Cat 3 squad finished with Ryan Conley ahead of Nick Groll (but just on the podium, furthering my theory),130 to 124 points, with Nathan Porter and Jeff Krywanczyk in 4th and 8th. (Just think, if you guys came to Blunt Park you could have swept…)

    Full RVCXS results are at https://bikereg.holeshotevents.com/series-results/rvcx-results.pdf.

    This weekend is Uncle Sam GP, and the resumption of the CBRCX Series. Sign up on Bikereg (preferably today. Refer to my rant yesterday for why that’s important) and review the current series standings here.

    That’s all for now until I do this again next week,

  • CBRCX Race 1 – NomadCX

    This was originally posted to the CBRC mailing list. Find out more about the club at CBRC.cc

    The CBRCX Series is here, and I’m back with another annoying long email because everyone is awesome and cross is awesome!

    Front loading with upcoming races – the next race in the River Valley series is next week at Tree House CX in Deerfield, and the next race in the CBRCX series is the two-day Uncle Sam GP on October 8 & 9th.

    The short version – today’s results are on CrossResults (duh) and the series results are here. If you have a photo album online somewhere, please add a link to it to the CrossResults page!

    For a quick refresher of the series rules: if you start the race, your time is capped at the winner’s time +6 minutes. If you missed this race and pick up in the series at Troy (or later), you’ll get the winner’s time +15 minutes filled in for this race. The first lap is scored, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd getting 15, 10, and 5 bonus seconds.

    The day started with the Men’s Cat 5, with CBRC riders coming in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th: Russell Howe, James Healey, and Fredrick Breunig. (There’s no series for the Cat 5. Sorry guys, upgrade.)

    Next race of the day was the Masters’ 40+, 50+, and 60+. In the 40+, Bill Deerfield took home the big cookie, as well as 15 bonus seconds in the series, with Patrick Carney coming in third. In the 50+, Bret Young beat John Scicchitano, but they got 15 and 10 bonus seconds respectively. In the 60+ Brad Young came in first, with (friend of CBRC) Bruce Townend and Dave Beals in 3rd and 4th.

    For the Women’s 4/5, Jessica Hanna beat Stacy Wozniak and Nicole Piche, and they also earned their 15, 10, and 5 bonus seconds for the series.

    SINGLE SPEED IS BACK BABY! Starting 30 seconds after the Men’s 4/5 race was the return of a dedicated Single Speed field, which Brad Young won with Tom Butler behind him. Tom eked out 2nd on the first lap, getting the 10 bonus seconds in the series.

    Meanwhile, barely in front of Brad, was the Men’s 4/5 race. Jack Carey is a Union student who came down yesterday to help string tape, and handedly won the race (also taking the holeshot for the series points). Bill Deerfield and Patrick Carney both doubled up and came in second and tenth. Paul Koniowka came in 16th after racing yesterday at Beverley.

    The junior races… there were a lot of juniors, and a lot of them were CBRC or CBRC adjacent. (I think this was our biggest field all day) Jack and Chase O’Donnell won the U13 and U15 Boys races, and Abigail Romlein and Madeline Hanna won the U13 and U15 Girls races.

    After the Flow Riders’ Fondo was the Men’s 3/4 race. Peter Dinolfo came in second, and Sean McLoughlin was edged out by a wheel to end up in fourth place (it measured to 0.082 seconds).

    Behind them, Jack Carey doubled up for 5th, and Evan Boyle did an interpretation of Superman across the line for 6th. (Sorry Jeff, the worm has been supplanted)

    In the penultimate race, the Women’s Cat 1/2/3/4 saw 2 New England imports taking first and second, with Lilli O’Donnell and Maya Healey in third and fourth. Lilli got the holeshot, and earned herself the 15 bonus seconds for the series.

    And for the finale race, Andrew Nicholas won with over a minute ahead of second place. Making his debut with the O’Donnell Junior Devo squad, Jacob Gilson was fourth (this joke had to be explained to me. I’m not very smart), with the Ryans (Conley & O’Donnell) in fifth and sixth. Nick Groll and Jeff Krywanczyk were eighth and ninth, and Jacob McCarthy was twelfth.

    At the end of the day, 37 CBRC riders came out for the race! For those of you doing the River Valley series, I’ll see you at Ghosts in October, and for everyone else I’ll see you at Uncle Sam! (Cider donut season in full swing at that point, I’m excited)

  • HydraCross – it was today!

    This was originally posted to the CBRC mailing list. Find out more about the club at CBRC.cc

    NCC Hydra Cross was today, and as Adam (the announcer) said, CBRC had a strong showing! Laps were fast all day, with two train primes offered during the day. Full results are on CrossResults (duh!) https://www.crossresults.com/race/10924

    Not to bury the lead too deep: NomadCX is the first race of the CBRCX series, next weekend. Sign up today to prevent race director heartburn: https://www.bikereg.com/nomadcx

    Highlights from CBRC and friends:

    In the Men’s 40+, Ryan O’Donnell and Patrick Carney (Dutch Flyers) both made a good showing with an 8th and 22nd, and they’d both go on to double up in later fields. Since this was the first showing for both in this field, that put them in 14th and 32nd respectively.

    In the Men’s 50+, Lance Law got a strong 14th, giving him an 18th place in the series.

    In the 60+, Bruce Townand (who I consider a “friend” of CBRC since he is at all of our road races and a good portion of our CX races) came in 24th. This gives him 15 points and a tie for 25th place.

    In the Junior Boys 13-18, Jack O’Donnell finished a solid 10th in a fast field (leader’s lap times were similar to the Men’s 1/2/3). Jack’s now in 10th place in the series, 3 points behind his brother.

    In the Junior Girls 13-18, Abby Romlein finished 6th, which gave her 3 points and also 10th place in the series.

    The Men’s 3/4 is where CBRC really came out in force: Ryan Conley battled Ben Jankowski (promoter of Ghosts CX in October) for several laps, before finishing 2nd behind Ben. Nick Groll was 4th and Jeff Krywanczyk (who potentially had his name pronounced correctly by the announcer) was 9th ahead of Nate Porter in 10th. Ryan O’Donnell, in his second race of the day, was 12th. Ryan Conley now leads the series with 52 points ahead of Nick in second with 47 points.

    Lilli O’Donnell decided she wanted to go for 50 minutes instead of 30 and got 4th in the Women’s Elite race. Yes, this means the 11-12 national champ finished ahead of the 50-54 national champ. While this doesn’t help her River Valley CX Series p/b Shimano series points, she scored 407 points on CrossResults after being seeded with 490. (For those that don’t understand Colin’s math, this is a really impressive thing. That race had a quality of 335 and a median of 458. There was an Amateur Hour CX podcast back in the day where Colin explained the math to Eric that is a decent listen if you want to hear more).

    And, to close out the day, Jeff decided to double up in the Men’s 1/2/3 with a fresh Jacob McCarthy. Jacob finished 20th (first rider -1) but still went back around for that extra lap for the fun of it. This ties Jacob for 23rd place in the series with 9 points.

    Until Colin goes to work on Tuesday, I don’t know when the RVCX series points will be calculated on CrossResults. If anyone is interested before then, let me know what field and I can send you the points.

    Until next week.

  • HydraCross – tomorrow!

    This was originally posted to the CBRC mailing list. Find out more about the club at CBRC.cc

    Race 2 in the River Valley CX Series p/b Shimano is tomorrow in Holyoke! Registration closes tonight at 7, or day of is available.


    Full series standings are here: https://www.crossresults.com/rvcx but some highlights from CBRC and friends of:

    Jacob McCarthy raced the Mens 1/2/3 and finished with 2 points.

    In the Mens 3/4 category, Ryan Conley, Nick Groll, and Ryan O’Donnell are in 2, 5, and 6th place with 24, 21, and 20 points, respectively. Gene doubled up(!) last week and has 3 points in this category.

    Lilli is leading the Womens 13-18 category with 10 points (and finished 4th on the road when mixed in with the boys)

    The O’Donnell’s represent in the Mens 13-18 with Chase and Jack racing up and getting 29 and 15 points each.

    In the Masters Men, Terry Blanchet and Gene Primomo got 18 and 11 points for their 7th and 14th place finishes.

    Hope to see many of you tomorrow! And don’t forget, the first race of the CBRCX series is NomadCX in Scotia next weekend! Sign up today at https://www.bikereg.com/56969

  • I’m cheap

    Hey look what I made…

    I mentioned previously that I was working on a project for my side hustle, but didn’t say what it was.

    This is it. It’s a 32×32 px LED matrix, battery, and supporting electronics.

    The first purpose will be a time trial start clock. (This shows the countdown for each person leaving the start house) CrossMgr, the software I use for timing, publishes information for the start clock over a WebSocket connection to drive a web version of the start clock. I wrote a python script that slurps that data and drives the LED matrix, counting down the time, as well as the bib number who’s next to roll out.

    The project combined a bunch of stuff. Software, obviously. Electronics, as I integrated a bunch of random stuff including the LED matrix, a Raspberry Pi, voltage regulator, battery, buzzer, cooling… I 3D Printed the mounts for the boards. I built the box (from scrap wood!) that holds it all.

    Considering a commercial version of this is a grand or more, I like this version.

  • Linode[TheCat]

    “Linode[TheCat]”, Digital, 2019

  • Cleaner Air

    I’ve been soldering more things, and with soldering comes fumes that you don’t want to breathe in.

    So, after a couple of hours in CAD, sixty hours of printing, 3.75kWh of electricity, and a few minutes of assembly, I have this beast.

    Inside is a 140mm fan, so it’s nice and quiet, and 130mm replacement charcoal filters for a commercially available fume extractor. The filters friction fit in front of the fan, so it’s easily changeable. I have a 12V wall wart power supply and a switch on the back.

    I’ve got a project in the works for my side hustle, with the parts coming this weekend, so this is just in time.


    Model on Thingiverse

  • An update on a bad print

    Previously I posted the corner clip. After that post, I went at it with a knife. Unfortunately, it ended up splitting along a layer line. But actually, it was fortunate. I was able to clean up the spinning insert, and using some CA glue, fix where I split the layers. I used it in building the frame for the enclosure and it worked perfectly.

    Continual improvement.

  • Take a picture of a thing being made

    There are downsides of having a 3D Printer on the workbench in a “woodshop.” One of them is losing a workbench. The other one is dust. Dust, everywhere.

    Ever had a shop so messy you don’t want to take any pictures of it? Here, have a Fusion rendering instead.

    Deciding to solve these problems at the same time, I built an enclosure for the printer. It is super simple, cobbled together with pocket holes. The walls are acrylic I found at Lowe’s, with some cheap hardware for the door. Currently, all of the electronics are still inside, something I plan on changing. I want to move the control panel outside of the cabinet for convenience, as well as create an interface panel for OctoPrint to control manual XYZ movements. And a big red button for stopping jobs. Everyone needs a big red button.

    Speaking of OctoPrint, not being on the workbench means I need a new place for the camera, as well as some lighting. To provide the lighting, I bought some cheap LED strips on Amazon which I’ll affix to the inside of the cabinet. I found an old computer fan. after fitting with an air filter I want to use it to create some positive pressure to keep the dust at bay.

    With the lights and OctoPrint, I obviously need a camera too. I had a Pi camera from another project which I decided to use instead of the Logitech camera I was using previously. But, with a Pi camera, you need a way to hold it up.

    This is the best part of the project for me I think. I found a model of the camera PCB on GrabCAD and it was perfect. I was able to import it into Fusion and design a mount around it perfectly. On the first print, I got a perfect articulating joint and bracket and a perfect fit around the camera. Maybe I’m getting the hang of this. My only regret is that I built it at 0°, but it is one part to reprint to adjust the angle.

    I posted the camera mount on Thingiverse.

  • Let there be light

    Lampshade from Lowe’s, on a base built with cherry and finished with a clear satin.

    It’ll look good in Cate’s office.